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Docu-fessional films are social activism via filmmaking.

Docu-fessional films are what the bullhorn was in 1968 for the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) at Columbia University. Films cannot change the world, but they can affect change. Docu-fessional films educate, inspire, speak truths, give voice, and enable others to see what they might not otherwise witness or experience.

Film is a major art form that influences and educates people around the world. The commercial film industry, and many film festivals, promote the buying and selling of film as a product. Docu-fessional films are not opposed to commercial industry, but stand for something else. They are a nexus, and a solar system for film that is made for the purpose of art; film that challenges conventions, explores new ground, and inspires change.

I became involved with Human Rights because much of my artistic, professional and academic life has been concerned with the healing process. Activism and personal involvement in issues concerning human injustice is so fundamentally important, and so embattled, that I decided that was where I should give the time I had for activist work.

I am an active opponent of the death penalty and have been an active member of Amnesty International for over 10 years. I also work closely with various national sectors for victims rights, missing persons and the rights for incarcerated American women artists.



I Loving Me (1994), Bubblegum and Razorblades (1994), GIRLJACKER (1994), Sic (1995), Robbie (1995), D-Blok Snag (1995), EPISODE (1996), Feelings (1997), I Need You (1998), Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Mr. Clark (2001), How to Wanna Kill People (2003), I really think it’s a BLACK WHITE incident (2003), 330.20 (2003), THE HEALING POWER OF VIOLENCE (2004), LEN (2004), MY BLACK EX-HUSBAND RAPED ME IN THE BATHROOM (2006), MISSING GREEN (2007), ORDER AND PROTECTION (2007), NICE PEOPLE (2008), in the Upper Room (2008), Just a Matter of Time (2008), HOMEWRECKA (2008), GIRLSTORIES, An Afterschool Special (2009).
• “…In Sickness and in Health” (feature film currently in post-production).
• COWELL (feature length anti-death penalty research project in production stages)