COWELL is an ongoing feature-length research film project meant to explore childhood development and the death penalty. Does nature load the gun, and nurture pull the trigger? This is the question COWELL will pose. The film will focus on a little girl’s personal mission to understand her own personality pathology due to her disturbed childhood rearing. As she collects newspaper sales ads and takes imaginary crime scene photographs at neighborhood homes, she creates journals that she buries in her backyard. Through these visual journal entries we follow the course of her desire to seek powerful positions in criminology and politics in order to challenge the status quo of those executed by the death penalty due to a disregarded record of Axis II mental illness. It is her belief that she is a sick child and contains an illness that even the most sophisticated doctor could not place a finger on.

COWELL will incorporate actual collected interviews with law enforcement agents, true crime writers, family members of female inmates on Death Row across the nation, and a performance by a young pre-teen actress who will narrate the course of the research project.


16x9 digital video, microfilm, Mini DV. Tentative release date: 2012