The film, "In the Upper Room" is a film work designed to provoke. It uses propaganda techniques established by Edward Filene’s Institute of Propaganda Analysis (1937), and the evil german Nazi regime, to deliver a faux true-crime narrative based on the terrifying reality of hate-group racial organization.

Inspired by the power of television media advertising, categories of propaganda studies (Name Calling, Band wagon, Transfer, Plain Folks, Card Stacking and Glittering Generalities) are freely exercised and try
to convince us, via religious propaganda, of a racially motivated idea.

The techniques used in the short film are accompanied by a fictionalized hate crime that adds blame on an enemy race group. The viewer is asked to consider the value of a proposal, using derogatory language and words that are meant to invoke our youth and incite the general public to take action, via broadcasting on Public Access Television.

The film was shot at a southern Baptist church in rural Virginia on Super 8mm film.


directed, shot, edited and broadcast by akajoey
5 minutes
Format: Super 8mm